Exhibition stand during TransLogistica Romania is the key and most effective form of publicity, enabling direct access to a number of potential clients at one place.
To maximize the results and get the most out of the exhibition, it is crucial to take care of proper exposition and stand out from competitors.
How to do it? We have prepared a number of options in several categories:

Promotion in the catalogue and at the visitor registration point

Printed & online catalogue entry (company description) is included in the registration fee. But what if you could post a full page advertisement next to the description of your company or distribute gadgets and other marketing materials among the visitors?

Would you like your company logo to appear on the Visitors’ lanyards? Every single participant will get to see it during the exhibition and it will show up in a number of pictures published on the Internet after the show.

Advertising at the fair

Advertising banner, roll-up in the main hall or a set of floor stickers guiding directly to your stand are just a few examples of how you can boost your visibility during the fair.

TransLogistica takes place in a big exhibition hall, therefore, it seems reasonable to distribute handouts and gadgets inviting to visit your stand.

Large scale advertising

NEW! Special offer for producers and distributors of transportation vehicles (trucks, trailers, containers, etc.) planning to present their offer to carriers and logistics operators. You can showcase your products on the open-air site but also inside the exhibition hall, directly at your stand! 

You are allowed to display variety of large scale items, such as advertising balloons, flags, cars, trucks, trailers, containers, LCD screens, etc.

Promotion at romania.translogistica.eu

Online banner just above the visitor registration form? Why not? Taking into account that the online registration is compulsory, you can be sure that every attendee gets to see your advertisement!

Interested in other forms of online promotion? You can place your banners in a number of locations at romania.translogistica.eu, e.g.: on the main page, next to the conference programme and more.

Content marketing (conference, debate, presentation)

TransLogistica Romania is always accompanied by high quality conference agenda, interesting seminars and presentations. We go to great lengths to address the most up-to-date issues each year. Depending on the theme of an event or particular topic, you have the opportunity to take active part as a speaker or simply deliver product presentation at the stage.

Open discussion forum is the perfect place to present novelties and innovations to the participants!